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tv   Aginging and Adult Services 11415  SFGTV  November 15, 2015 11:00pm-12:11am PST

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after an earthquake about using candles. what would you recommend? >> if you have a battery operated candle would be better to use. this kind of a candle, you wouldn't want it in an area where it can cause a fire or aftershock that it doesn't rollover. you definitely want to have this in a non-combustible surface. >> now, here we have our stove. after a significant earthquake we expect that we may have gas disrupted and so without gas in your home, how are you going to cook? >> well, i wouldn't recommend cooking inside of the house. you have to go outside and use a portable stove or something
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else. >> so it wouldn't be safe to use your fireplace to cook? >> not at first. you should check it by a professional first. >> outside should be a safe place to cook as long as you stay away from buildings and doors and windows. >> yes. that will be fine. >> here we have some alternative cooking areas. >> you can barbecue and if you have a regular propane bark could barbecue. >> thank you for joining us. and thanks for this terrific space that you have in this
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exhibition space and thanks for helping san francisco stay safe. - good morning hello hold on one second. >> tap the front. >> yeah. testing testing good morning good morning and welcome to the commission on aging & adult services meeting we're going to call the we have the roll call? >> commissioner president james commissioner serlina is absent decide commissioner loo is absent and commissioner ow is absent and
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commissioner roy >> and please note that executive director ann is present. >> because we do not have the opportunity quorum of another member we're going to just take not any action on the action items we just going to have the opportunity report because we don't have a quorum to vote on the action items okay we will hear the report and see with that, we'll move to we can't do approval of the minutes of the agenda more the consent calendar more the meeting minutes but all we're adopt to item 5 is there public comment at this time?
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>> good morning president james and commissioners i'm nike know you don't have a quorum at the last november meeting as a representative the center is he took the opportunity to thank ann for all the seniors services and particularly all the services to the senior center thank you for that ann. >> thank you. >> okay now we'll move to item 6 any other public comment? okay item 6 report and employee of the month from the department of aging & adult services will recognize agonize chang from the was the adult protect serviservice
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(clapping.) >> well step over here and - there we go you're fine you're fine and present this to egging in a to you so all of you only today it is so interesting; right? as was mentioned agnes works in the protective services been with us 19 years that's right it says that are here but a quiz for you today
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agnes carries and bilingual be case load and because of that because you have bilingual capacities is often tasked with serving folks who need you're special skills actually of being able to speak to the language folks and sort things out in multiple because a person needs to what you're working with someone that comes from another place; right? another culture it also says in the write up about you because you have officer of the day duties because of your bilingual talents useless frequently called out several times at a time and opposed to twice a lot more work and folks to be sgrak with and doing our best for just to remind us all department
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of aging & adult services is part of our protection services in that division we really tasked with making sure that people have all the rights and all the privileges that they have coming to them as an adult but looking at and investigating to determine if others are that take advantage if they have self-neglect issues and trying to pull those two things together for those of us who know that world only two well, this is a difficult job how not to tread on someone's rights but at the same time providing them all the possibility to make their life as safe and possible and healthy as possible will all the ap s staff stand yeah
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(clapping.) thank you it further agnes goes on i'll give this to you it says our a person of quiet strength and don't flinch with the hofb abuse situation i guess that is the part for many of us in the room we don't intimately know don't face on a regular basis some pretty dennis herrera san mateo stat and desire situation we know about that but don't face it is hard work and one a person has to keep themselves healthy to do; right? and so we thank you to you thank you >> thank you.
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>> (clapping). >> i have a little speech (laughter) i've prepared oh, thank you. >> thank you so much is it so my honor that i am the ms. november for that (laughter) i'm so excited and happy to stand here and receive this gift and all your blessings please allow me to express myself first thanks and honor and glory to any heavenly father who put me in ap s when i knew only one or
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two you, you i knew so the about hsa and facing the assessment and due date life was as difficult i don't know a lot of you and lonely back then but with god's mercy and grace i made a lot of friends and even case might be more difficult and complex i'm not will this thank you, god our good to me and secondly, i'd like to thank you all an 6th street ap s staff my director and the supervisors all the social workers and clerks and staff that have been supportive and encouraging you guys have such a fun crowd to be with and special thanks to
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teresa any supervisor that encouraged me to work on any life-saving she's available for inclusion on case my advocate and my shoe and there to back up when i deal with difficult cases and clients providers in the community which very unreasonable expectation from ap s and thank you unit 4310 when i needed our help and support and thank you for these who have been with me in my his and lows you've been willing to listen to me and oh, your help and willing to buy any lunch and 31 ice cream and the last last but not least thank you to my husband who is here carter who has been
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so flexible (clapping.) and available and mentioned i have to owe a lot of time i consider myself a queen he is flexible to leave work early to pick up my boys. >> thank you so much for every single one of you without you all i wouldn't make it to be the ms. november yeah (clapping.)
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>> (clapping). >> thank you. >> yes. i remember. >> thank you now we'll have item b director's report executive director ann hitting. >> so as the commissioners
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know this is my last commission meeting i'll be in d.c. in the first week in december doing some work for our local triple a our state association and for ann frank so i have a regular report to give but i wanted to say and few words before the normal report this is just to say it's been a credible pleasure to serve this community of older adults with disabilities a tremendous privilege for the commission and hopefully speak to those who were not here he was thinking about all the commission does and our dedication i think to
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fairness and our dedication to making sure that we serve our very diverse community and that our providers are as diverse as the community we provide services for and any number of critical questions have been asked in 2, 3, 4 meeting made us a community of people going and taking stock of what we're doing and how we're doing it is there another way to do it sometimes questions are we like commission to go - i've always said that if we've done our jobs well, that commission will be smooth but sometimes those critical questions questions can be i don't want to say annoying but catch up in the wrong place one day is r one way or another it
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makes us what we or so many people outside of our community work in san francisco all think and i like and we're this and that but we debate issues here and have a little bit of a different philosophy to give assistance to those at this commission we've taken our time and looked at it issues thoroughly the staff i think sporlts for this commission has been really unfailing so whether it is contracts or budget or program staff you had a team of people that have been the best i've had folks at events come up to me and say you think that team of people it gives stuff to our commission i don't know anyone that hadn't gotten an
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answer our team of people move faster mann than several departments will go unnamed that is really because people take their jobs very, very seriously and want to bring you the best information and be able to answer the questions you present and they want to have is followed the rules that are important to follow and at the same time use you know innovation and be creative as they can be and have that opportunity in some places and less in other places i want to say to the staff that is here today, it's been a tremendous opportunity to work with you and to see where we've come in the 10 years ago i've been here and in the 12 years since this did not have been an integrated department we started up off with different programs with the
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office of aging at the core 33 and a lot of work has to go into bringing folks together to make a department function well and when people i remember the office on aging staff they did everything that he worked in a small department with responsibility for budget and contracting and budgeting and moved into a department there was a whole structure that was different i can't say enough about what sherry reign did to anyone who wishes to speak that work it didn't happen overnight with la jolla dedication and commitment and the knowledge it can be really good in the end have to work at it to get there is a obviously a big thank you to home share reign anyone asked me if i was overjoyed about leaving it is
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pretty amazing to be in this position and have the opportunities that dos has had in the 10 years i've been here that is even in the downturn when we had to struggle overtaking money from nutrition and frhere and there been a tremendous community and for people to come together and pull ideas and figure out the best way when we needed to cut back and exciting to have the second year $6 million came and we were able to flush out the programs for disabilities and create the community living fund it is credible this was a part times job i wouldn't leave but not a
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part-time job and time to go i know we're having a party in december i'm not sure the folks that are here won't be able to be here one last thing to say i think that is really kind of the truth of who this department and commission and those providers are in that what which our son died i had the good fortune to join a support group i was amazed a group of families that lost children adult children and i was the only one in the group that when i went back to work i didn't have the opportunity problems that everyone else had those problems ran the range of people saying insensitive things you need to get over it and on with that
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people avoiding other people and it goes on i can only share and reflect on the fact when i came back to work i came back to people that are gracious and so filled with concern and compassion so able to say what was on their hearts and say it to me i know we come to those commission meetings and give staff awards i tried to highlight what our staff does and that's part of what they do it is so not surprisingly it is when you have a big event in our life that is indicating tropic people like our surrounded with like me is so generous with themselves i this is an all of you for the privilege i've had
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to be here it's a tremendous honor and now we'll get on with the regular so it is so cool yesterday in my e-mail a operation from the president of the united states i've never gotten an operation proclamation this is because of being in a conference i have no idea this was a plantation to announce that november is alzheimer's month you know, i just learned yesterday that the team dos which we created raised almost $30,000 in the walk so - >> proud of us (clapping.) you and tom being the leaders so
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the goals last year, we raised 15 or 16 thousand the goal this year was 20 and we got 29 thousand plus close to thirty that was great in proclamation come across any desk i'll share it we didn't just draw the attention i'll try to read it i've never seen that bear with me it says at the ends avenue all the hero to see and witness where of i have here into set this hand this 2 eight day of other of the independence of the united states the hundred and 40 the other couple i have things to mention i because i'm on the
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national association of aging board of directors have been invited to gay long retreat in colorado for the lgbt elderly it having kathy greenly from the administration of community living and they'll be attending a two-day event to look at strategies that address this particular population crossing across the country of what people are doing in different place to people shouldn't be surprised i make contact with you before i want to make sure i come with all i possible can to this meeting in early october the national village association of villages jacqueline is that right. >> village to village had hair
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conference in seattle and vac listen from the next vinyl and ata ate e kate from the san francisco vinyl and i assembly david chiu presented this conference on the work that san francisco has done in terms of the funding for the vinyl and the why david sorry chiu did a terrific set up for the whole community around why village work is so important and what it means for san francisco and why he and another supervisor got involved and we did our 1, 2, 3 on both what we were doing locally and the changes what it maples to have government money the kinds of things people has an opportunity had government funding before this is different
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from the membership i thought that was an interesting meeting met folks from all over the country and the focus on middle-income class people someone said so well at the scan conference last week with the huge population of boomers coming out the next and the fact that there is no agnes saying people purchasing long term care people don't have assess there is a concern as the boomers may spend down they'll join the folks in the medi-cal system at some point that system will exploded because of villages in san francisco that opportunity to look at what are the other
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things that can be done in this area that didn't cost as much money but serves a lot of folks it was an interesting conference and had a lot of opportunity to talk about what's been going on. >> and then just to scluk you've probably been seeing a lot of information in the paper about the variance women issues on the ballots i think i recorded here a few months ago the california association of aging has decided that it is throwing it's hat into the ring with one of the initiatives and having been looking to have a portion of the tax dollars go to programs that serve younger and older adults that work is moving forward we know there are 4 different initiatives and the variance initiatives are working
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together to see if they can't get that down to one as we saw in ohio or wherever voted down i heard on the news last night that vote was 67 people being able to control the growth and you know anything that will happen in that state relate to marijuana the same thing for children's rights a lot of things to look at in terms of product development and taxed what will be and won't be allowed it's not there yet we're seniors and the disabilities are part of the potential - there's a potential for revenue streams to come from that work that is exciting frankly no new money in years. >> i think that's all i have for my report.
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>> thank you. >> just briefly executive director just a couple of words we'll miss you and i've been on the commission for almost a year and i can say it's been delightful to work and serve and be part of dos with you as direct dr. decorate we hope to hear marrow from you and good luck and we'll miss you. >> i'll echo what the commissioner said i'm the newest member of the commission but your reputation for leadership and community building and everything you've done certainly preceded you and you'll very much be missed and hope you'll keep in touch with us and its
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community thank you for your credential legacy. >> thank you. i add to the group i think i guess i've been here quite a while on the advisors before ann came on i was on the advisory committee and with another director and ann and i have been working together in the department for quite e quite a while we've had disagreements on things that's all right. but it's been i know a tough job leading the department and trying to make everybody comfortable all the contracts and trying to meet what we're requesting and all the things around you trying to run a department head is a
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tremendous job and i want to commend you that you've done on excellent job in leading this department and i think we'll be known throughout the united states as a very aggressive department over here and we thank you for your thank you for all you do and i hope i know we'll see you on the sidelines i too am thinking i'm almost it is time to almost say i'm not saying it yet but thinking about it but anyway, it is a challenge for to run a department and we all understand that and so we thank you thank you for all you do. >> next we'll have the
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advisory council report. >> good morning commissioner president james and executive director and senior advisory met on october 21st our the first order of business was to get our first member at the table and had a presentation by ms. libby and bill on the dignity fund did an excellent job gave an overview of the fund as that fund continues to shape itself they'll come back to the advisory committee to do another presentation. >> our membership committee is always active in asking making the ask we have potential folks out there but again, don't want to say anything fill it gets taking care of i get the node
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from the secretary the transportation committee meet at the center we are doing our focus on the next 4 trainings on the elderly abuse a wonderful panel we were filled within a week all the seats were taken our next presentation will be in january and i believe that will be thank you institute on aging but dos staff person mr. rick who is doing an excellent job of finding speakers and a placed if so still under negotiation hopefully, we'll have something in january. >> as our site visits we're continuing those and an ask and commitment from the council members to go out and do the site visits and important to report back to the commission on what we're doing and seeing so
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that is in process. >> and i believe last but not least we're the siresy council a planning and celebration a celebration for a dear friend not a good by but until the next time that is for ms. ann executive director ann at our december advisory council meeting and we'll be letting all the commissioners know we'd like for you to come if you can just to say until the next time never a good by that's my report i'll be remiss the advisory council members thank you for the opportunity to go to an event that was done by the village project which is under the
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leadership of ms. adrian williams to honor a executive commissioner president james mrs. james is an active community person and the village project wanted to say thank you and honor mrs. james for all her hard work on and off the commission a staunch reporter and advocate do the right thing for everyone and she was honored for that and the council folks that went to that so thank you that concludes my report. >> and thank you, mr. insight and to the advisory do you only u council for the roses it brightened up my hallway i had to move everything out of the way thank you. >> thank you. >> next is the joint legislative committee report.
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>> good morning this will be a very horticulture report as we didn't have a joint legislative committee meeting last month i shared the chairperson's position with commissioner sims and both of us were out of the town at the request of the commissioner president james at our september meeting we're going to address how we handle that in the future so have something to report in december if not january how we handle when both the co-chairs are out of town and commissioner president james request commissioner sims gave a report the legislative report about 3 bills that were signed no change expiate one that is the
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testifying that legislation will establish a tsf they need non-state organizations to provide the administrative support for the relative to the challenges basz faced by family caregivers and offer opportunity for the caregiver support and the services and supports available inform caregivers and to make policy recommendations so we'll keep you posted throughout 2015 and they c s l their bills to nine hundred and 2 the california senior legislator has begun work on the 2015 legislative agenda they're not meeting so they're working in small tsf they've sent that information out in january the new legislative session we may
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not have much to report at the december meeting we will indefinite has r as we head into 2016 a new list of bills some are coming back into the 2 year session one of them a heads-up one bill one proposed legislation that will include apparently funding for the california state legislator their fund currently with the tax form check off so i'll have that on my radar to keep you posted as well. >> any questions. >> thank you. >> next will be the tax report. >> no, i'm sorry long term care. >> for the coordinating councilmember. >> morning i'm sandy a member of the long term care council in
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october no meeting because we celebrated our 10 year anniversary for the council with a party for a purpose we had on october 23rd. >> brigitte. >> excuse me. my understanding is that kathy will give you an overview of the october 23rd party thank you. >> (laughter). >> hi, good morning. >> yeah. >> we can definitely do it together i'm sure about the confusion good morning. i'm kathy the senior division director in san francisco and a member of the
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long term coordinating you council i'm going to give a report on the party with a purpose on october 23, 1230, to 330, three hundred and 50 people registered we were happy they didn't show up at once it was a full house and the purpose was to celebrate the 10 anniversary the long term council that was started in mayor newsom decided to feature the friendly sf a very active workshop i co-chaired the workshop with mega professor at the usf school of nursing and her student and we've been leading as a workshop for 4 years 23 years ago the
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mayor mayor ed lee signed a letter for us to be part of health, age friendly cities and became a member of ar p liveable communities and the first large city to join about network and significantly we're the only city in the country to have disability friendly that's great and now in the process of completing and asset based needs assessment that involved it seniors and people with disabilities at all phases of the project and going to do as required we'll develop a plan and the party was sort of a coming out event for us we've had smaller events and presentation and focus groups leading up to it but this large event to so what we've done
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various people from the city if foundations were there and nonprofits, government departments be and lots of advocates and seniors with disability it began is a distance generate they're an enter generational from the city of san francisco they were started by the time the event start people were you part of party a great oscar pistorius i present a short slide show explaining our asset based approach and looking at all the 8 main which include outdoor spaces in building and transportation and housing, social participation inspector and inclusion signify praerpts and community and health services and community and information those are the areas we're saving what is working and where are gaps and added a new
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domain technology our keynote speaker was joven came out at no cost and spoke on setting san francisco on fire he has been involved in this effort for a decade a few highlights i mentioned that while some boomers have - this generation includes more poor people the average boomers takes less than 5 thousand assets not annual income including housing hours for the rest of their lives and let us know that some people maternity but the millions have surpassed the boomers in the largest demographic group when
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the burnlz are in their 80s memorials will be turning 65 so something we need to look at how we'll meet those needs he talked about why those demographics why people don't care about aging the ceo's of 8 amp organizations ar p a come together to figure out what we can do together they can't do it alone how to change the americans think about aging this will be important how that move forward and finished about the importance of age friendly community confirming we were the first in the country to add date we broke into 4 small groups health and long term support and technology and social
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participation and then each group came back with at least one actionable plan that was put both the new planning phase we then turned over the state to the long term coordinating council sid i didn't koffman and others who spoke about the successes of the council over the past 10 years and presented the first award to tom nolan for free muni for seniors and people with disabilities this was a great moment and that was a reception following the response was probation officer many people signed up to be involved and picked duo makes sense on a final note we tried to be as assessable for everyone for people with disabilities with language and culture capacity a lot of help from the mayor's office on disability as well as a large number of party planners and rick and jessica as part of
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foundation that helped to support this event i want to say special thanks to ann for your support on the i want to give a shout out e this would not have happened so thank you very, very much. >> thank you. any questions no, thank you. >> next is the tax report kathy. >> take the sacramento two day meeting of representatives of the advisory committee no california has been having quarterly meetings this year no report from the last our next meeting is december 1st and second. >> so that's the first wednesday in december our december is our second a little reminder that
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the staff of the state commission sets up those meetings and is there throughout the two days of meetings so if you ever have something to take up to them or questions it will be easy for me to assist you i'll be glad to do that. >> thank you. >> next is the case report. >> good morning, commissioners ann patty with the catholic charities case had a meeting in october we were able to start refinancing our new advocacy we're looking at next year's budget process already and we were lucky to have ann and sherry reign come up and talk about the division moving forward what we've been through and looking for in the future
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and able to honor ann for her years of service that was good to have those strong women in the room and honor ann we will definitely miss her i next meeting is november 9th we'll fine lists our program for december and going to have a presentation from an organization let build for k9 companions so we're talking about that december is our annual holiday events at the sugar lounge december 14th from 4 to 6 and have fun with a white elephant get that treasure and regift it and find it is special new home a lot of gift stealing a great way to network and people
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getting together and recognizing what we do and the services we provide that's my report. >> thank you. >> okay. next h program performance on the seniors and young adults with sdalts disability bryan. >> good morning, commissioners and others i'm the program analyst a give you a little bit of background at the april 2015 commission the commission approved a new contract for funding for a new type of program a housing subsidy project programming to be administrative code by the q known as aids housing alliance this was identified seniors with disabilities a doctor in income and without this program would be evicted through the use of a housing
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subsidy payment to help with rent the idea of eviction is prevented and younger adults are stabilized and kept in their housing, of course, the participates in this program go to rigorous extensive ongoing participation in the program as i mentioned this was new to dos and the commission at that time that was presented the commissions ask for an update as the program was upcoming so today i've asked bryan to come in and talk to the commission on an update how the program is going with that said, is bryan here. >> hello commissioners, thank you for having us back
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it is gone by really quickly for or you're here again all right. so i want to give you an update on the process we're making we're fully enrolled in a subsidy program and - there we go. >> so here you'll see the age distribution for the people that we've enrolled in the program we range from 25 years old to 97 is our oldest enroll yes. we've got one 90 years old and that is gratifying our largest group is
11:52 pm
50 to 59 let's see - the gender breakdown is 26 female and 66 percent meal and 8 percent transgender that is equally distributed between male to female and female to male transgender. >> race wear 23 percent african-american, 61 percent caucasian, 10 percent first nation and 10 percent asian pacific islanders and under ethnicity 10 percent hispanic latino and 90 percent not hispanic latino. >> the subsidy range is as low as 200 and $46 and the maximum
11:53 pm
amount is $1,200 with the average which when i modeled it out 8 hundred bucks we're getting close. >> our average rent is one thousand $34 with the average income of enreels $893 our ratio is one hundred and 8 percent the average person their rent exceeded their income and without that that subsidy they would have lost their housing we had a pilot working with the mayor's office of housing and community development to help identify certificate of preference holders or ellis act
11:54 pm
evictions counselors who have been unable to execute their excuse me. their preferences they lack sufficient income so 11 percent of the people we enrolled in the subsidy are certificate of preference holders or local eviction i'm grateful a family for preference for a certificate of preference holder for 40 or 50 years and finally be able to change the way we distribute access to rental assistance in the city so that we really, time it with access to housing what we have a system that is broken that if you have a section 8 certify be on the list you're on the list for 15 or 17 years you get our subsidy and no housing in the market to execute it if or so the only option to apply more
11:55 pm
affordable housing so you sit on a wait list for years and then loss the subsidy by the time the income it up the system is broken this is a way to look at creative ways to see the systems coordinated better it seems to be working. >> and then we'll have a total of 13 agrees enrolling into the subsidys we've built an online portal when someone comes to them their log in and do the referral the screening and referral right there they scan the proof of income and the documents and just drag and drop it into the portal we contact those people and set up the in take and
11:56 pm
enroll them we've enroll people in as little as twenty-four hours that seems to be working. >> that is the highlights any questions. >> yes. i have one question what about more or less the disabled that may have children. >> there are no restrictions. >> are there restrictions on that. >> no, no we don't have a restriction against children in the home for those subsidies overwhelmingly we're talking about simple adults. >> most of single adults but no restrictions if they have children. >> not at all. >> any other questions? >> okay thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. >> thank you. >> we got a couple of our
11:57 pm
participants that want to come up and say hi. >> i'm unprepared but hi, good morning i've been a resident of san francisco since 198 percent 2 before any life was stable and then became unstable my rent is one thousand $55 a month i can't go to have a cup of coffee mr. bryan i met and during this i was thinking of ending my life this is the way that seniors were going to be but those things stopped after i met him they've subsidize my rent and now thinking of ending my life i have not thank you. >> to bryan.
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>> thank you for sharing. >> i'm david not a very good public speaker i'm 59 i have a severe case of p t s d from a child abuse survivor i'm west portal enough to work part time in freelance but not because of the p t s d comes and goes and shows up at any moment from the subsidy from aids housing i live comfortably with food on the table with my part time income and if that weren't for aids housing i don't know might be on some island somewhere i want other people to have what i have not live observe the streets with and choosing within their rents and food they should have
11:59 pm
what i have we should take care of more people. >> thank you. >> is there any other business at this time new business for discussion only correlation presentation sandra i didn't moore thank you. >> now. >> good morning commission and ann and at this time i want to thank ann pubically for her blifrp being the head of our department thank you, ann we'll miss you i'm here commissioners to give you an overview of the dignity fund cooperation that is a coalition of nonprofit and representatives from the ada field and the younger disability aging field it came together to look at this issue what is
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golden going on in san francisco san francisco has the largest population of seniors in any city in california they together with those over 18-years old with disability comprise 25 percent of san francisco's current residence those 200 thousand residents represent a difference immunities of people a rich mixture of ethnicity and gender and sexual orientation whether loshlth residents they've help to build this city with culture and history nearly 2/3rd's of older residents lack the basic o basic economic security that displace will continue to grow because the elaborately cost of living and the growing number of seniors and adults with sdablths needing look at of pope hope to stay in their homes
12:01 am
the dignity fund coalition was put together to look at this to help seniors and adults with disabilities to get support in a larger way than we have been in the last few years we did we are in discussion this is a work in process commissioners so this will be we'll come back to you give you an update where this is going going but the goal to come up with a ballot initiative for november of 2016 and this will be a charter amendment the chapter amendment requires 50 percent because one of the voters to support and this the question that was put in a poll we took we did a poll prior to coming to this ascertainment and that poll
12:02 am
showed that over 69 to 74 percent of people registered voters will support of the concept of setting aside 2 percent of property tax to be allocated toward senior services and services for adults with disabilities as you may know this concept of set aside is controversial because most elected officials do not support the idea of taking away the authority of the budget of the particular city and so with this particular concept we've been going to the different supervisors we have 5 supervisors who are supportive of this concept we would like our goal to get 11 supervisors to support the concept and the mayor is supporting this concept we're talking with the
12:03 am
mayor's representatives in the department that represent the department of aging & adult services about this whole direction and so we have a lot of work to do ahead a lot of community organizes at the grassroots level as you may know this is a because it is a ballot initiative it takes - it is the issue of getting the voters to support it so i wanted to also let you know that this particular fund would support funding for community-based long term services this is not include institutional care serves as laguna honda or san francisco general hospital many of the advocates of aging & adult services for over 25 years has been pushing the concept of
12:04 am
community-based care and having people age in place in our homes and part-time and neighborhoods as long as possible without institutionalized so serves as home and community long term support and food and nutrition and consumer and caregiver education and empowerment self-advocacy and legal services program and health and wellness and the targeted services and support and new areas such as alzheimer's care, respite care and caregiver support so those are some of the categories that would be included in the funding from this dignity fund and the other aspect i wanted to direct
12:05 am
your attention is that in terms of the relationship to you as commissioners you as a commission would therefore because the funds go through our department therefore our commission would be overseeing that fund at the same time, we're recommending what we call a governance and overview committee that is appointees from the mayor and the board of supervisors to also oversee this implementation of the fund and administration of the fund as i mentioned this fund b will go introduce the department of aging & adult services therefore your budget b will increase quite a bit f if in place today, the fiscal year 2018 we would have added $29 million to your
12:06 am
base budget to give you an idea so that as i said is a major policy direction for the city and county of san francisco and we will continue to give you update as we continue to organize towards this if you have any questions i'll be happy to to try to answer them. >> not at this time it is a major policy change and we need to look at make sure we are in touch with all parts of community community because it - people are concerned about the tax praishg and what have you. >> commissioners this is no new tax it is setting aside 2 percent of partitioning that come in every year. >> oh.
12:07 am
>> to set aside 4 funding for seniors and adults with disabilities. >> you're right commission. >> you were talking about all aspects the city because there are part of our city who also have a stereotype of seniors that seniors are well-off and fine they don't need a lot of happen there's that prospective we have to do a lot of community awareness and a lot of outreach to go into every single neighborhood all the different advocacy groups right now we have 25 he different organizations that are supporting this concept and that's going to increase, of course, because we plan to add more and more as we go. >> thank you. >> any comments from - thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay other new business
12:08 am
we've removed the mayor's office of housing and community development and the demonstration programs has been removed we were down to announcements we're moving to the last page under announcements. >> are there any announcements at this time. >> any announcements hearing none public comment? any public comment? at this time? >> mississippi any public comment? hearing none can i have a motion? >> to adjourn. >> okay. we move we adjourn. >> thank you.
12:09 am
>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and
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developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco


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